Holiday Video Production Tips for Different Industries—A Guide

The New Year is just within reach, which will signal the end of the holiday season for everybody. That doesn’t mean your time is up to create one perfect, final video for 2020 that your audience will love. As hectic as the holiday season gets, it’s also filled with opportunities to take advantage of the season’s theme and create one last video project with the help of a reputable video production agency near you.

There are many ways that different businesses can approach video creation that fits with their industry and the holiday season. Here are several ideas across various sectors on how to create value-adding video content for the remainder of the year:

1. Retail Industry

All retailers will be offering sales during the holidays—but some will also be raising money for various charities. Creating a video production project by combining these two elements will lend more of a “give and receive” message, showcasing the retailer’s focus of giving its customers the best deals while not forgetting the importance of giving back to those in need. 

2. Hotels

Travel and hospitality industries have the perfect opportunity to create video productions showcasing reasons that their hotel is the right place to stay in during the holiday season. This can be targeted specifically for those who are visiting families and friends over the holiday season. The right video production services in Manchester can help these businesses achieve a beautiful video highlighting the accommodations while showing off some seasonal décor. 

3. Fitness Businesses

With the holiday season comes the holiday feasts. Staying fit and healthy will certainly be challenging for many people, which is why fitness companies need to make their presence known. 

They don’t necessarily need to hand out discounted gym memberships, but producing content that will help people consider healthier alternatives for food can go a long way. Introducing short, easy, but effective exercises in a video production will also be appreciated by audiences who want to keep fit despite their busy holiday schedules.

4. Culinary 

Featuring holiday treats and recipes during this time of year is a great idea for those in the culinary industry to attract audiences. More people are at home and relying on video tutorials for all the dinners taking place this season. Featuring holiday recipes in a beautifully, professionally-done video will make any creations from restaurants, catering companies, and other culinary-based businesses shine.

5. Home Contractors

Though not everybody may be renovating during the holidays to accommodate family and guests, home contractors can produce a helpful video production with tips on how to make the most of your home’s existing space for guests. Having enough room for all your guests during the holiday season can be challenging, but sometimes all it takes is reconfiguring your layout and options for space. 

Bedroom preparations, space savers, and cleaning tips are all valuable tidbits that audiences will appreciate. 


The end of the year is upon everybody, but that doesn’t mean businesses have no more time to churn out one last video production to boost their sales before 2020 closes. Good content can bring in business, especially when it comes in the form of an engaging video—and getting the right agency to do the job for you will help you inch those numbers to your business goals before the New Year arrives!

The right video production company in Manchester can help your business stand out. Here at Video Ink, we start every project with a plan on building your content to help you grow your brand at scale. Disruptive and strategically powered, we help you and your business create impactful videos. Enquire about our services today!

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