5 Phases of Video Production You Need to Know for Your Brand

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Video production is a complex process. There are many moving pieces to it, and you may be surprised just how much there is to think about before you even turn on the camera, press record and start talking. Whether you’re producing a tutorial, explainer, corporate video, or anything in-between, these five phases of video production will help lay out the basics of what goes into making a video. 

1. Development

The development phase of video production begins before you even think about filming. Some companies will have a solid concept and script ready to go before hiring a production team, while others may need a little help to develop their idea. Without a clear concept, your video team will be lost.

For example, if you’re creating a corporate video for a client for an internal website, then you need a script that explains who your client is, what he does, why it’s important and what the video is for. It’s also important to understand how the video will be used. Is it on a website? Is it used in a video player on a mobile device? Is it going to be shown at an event where it needs to loop?

2. Pre-Production

The pre-production phase of video production is the planning stage. This is where your storyboard gets put together, and the video is scripted. Sometimes a video will go through multiple revisions before the script is finalised.

3. Production

The video is shot and edited in the production phase of video production. This is where the magic happens! Shooting begins, and you start to see your ideas come to life. Your video team will work with you to find the best location(s) to shoot, set up the lighting and figure out any other details that need to be addressed. 

A key part of this phase is the shoot day. The more you help your video producer, the better. Be specific when telling them what you want and if there are any changes, let them know as soon as possible.

4. Post-Production

After the production is done, it will move to the post-production phase. This is where your video is actually created. You will start with the raw footage and move into editing and then audio and colour correction. 

This is where the creative process happens. At this point, you’ll have a video editor working with you to make sure all the pieces are in the right place and that each one gets the attention it deserves. The editor will work with you at every stage of the process until your video is complete.

5. Distribution

The final phase of video production is distribution. This is where you get to show the world your video. You might decide to create a Facebook video for your company and promote it on your company’s Facebook page. Maybe you have a video that you want to upload to your YouTube channel. Or you might decide to hire a video marketing agency to get your video placed on a few high-traffic websites. Whatever you choose to do, the final step in the video production process is to make sure that your video gets seen by as many people as possible.


By having a clear idea of what needs to go into your video, you’ll be able to create the best possible video that gets the response you’re hoping for. Make sure to work with a professional video production company that knows how to maximise all phases.

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