Harnessing the Power of Video: 3 Ways to Get It Right

Marketing has evolved in unprecedented ways—gone are the days of flyers and simple product announcements. Today, the complex and digital web of promotions spans industries, ensuring that each and every person in the world comes across materials urging them to make purchases.

As a brand, you’re trying to sell something you believe in. It could be a product or a service, but the best way to ensure that people know you exist is to get your brand out there. Customer interaction is paramount to business survival, and the brands who invoke emotions gain the trust of many. 

The best of today’s brands inspire audiences, motivates productivity, and induces a feeling of euphoria. This attracts customers, as it conveys a message that you’re worth investing in. One of the best ways to bring out emotions is through storytelling, a human process that connects. 

In this day and age, storytelling is best done with video production. With the help of imagery and audio, brands can now communicate emotions beautifully and effectively, making for the perfect medium to tell a story. Your business can, too—here’s how:

Determine the right emotions

The main goal of video marketing is to create emotions that viewers can associate with your brand. Unfortunately, knowing the type of emotional response you need to bring out can be difficult. If you’re trying to sell beer, for instance, a tear-jerker story probably won’t work. A thriller cannot work for household cleaning products, either, and a happy advertisement cannot possibly fit funeral services. 

Thankfully, there are no solid rules in the realm of marketing. You are free to choose the type of video material you can develop, so long as it fits your individual brand needs and product requirements. In the end, it should emphasise the brand image you wish to convey, and how you can best connect with your target audience.

Develop your script properly 

Conceptualisation is important, but your video will rely heavily on your production script. The script will contain the story you wish to convey, the very reason why your viewers can hop along the emotional rollercoaster ride you wish to create. 

In other words, your script can make or break your video campaign. It needs to leave a long-lasting impression, so make sure to create relatable characters that appeal to your audience, to be played by actors that can bring the script to life. Your story needs to be believable, as this ensures your video’s success. Anything less than that can lead to wasted resources. 

Take post-production seriously 

Thorough analysis and writing need to be prioritised, but post-production is where you can emphasise your brand properly. The right sounds and music can create better and stronger emotions, while the right colour correction can help make the environment more believable. 

The brightness of your imagery can also trigger an emotional response, making it crucial to your overall success. By deciding carefully and planning properly, you will be able to successfully convey the message you wish to get across. 

Creating Videos That Cut Through The Noise 

Video production is a marketing tool used by various brands all over the world, but to truly stand out, you need to invest in emotional storytelling. It’s one of the best ways to marketing your brand and build awareness, especially in a highly saturated market. The process can be difficult—but done right, you set your business up for success.

If you require the services of professionals, Video Ink is ready to help. We are a video production agency in Manchester, operating in strategic ways to help your brand grow. Transform your brand and make a statement—work with our creatively disruptive team today. 

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