Generating Social Media Leads through Video Content

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With everyone possessing a smartphone and mobile devices accounting for 52% of all internet traffic, you must find out how to get your graphics onto the medium that consumers use regularly. A way to effectively do this is to produce video content through social media platforms.

The best aspect of social media is that it allows you to improve your internet profile. All of this adds up to nearly 2 billion social media users who can be easily reached with video content at any time. Additionally, 93% of marketers say video has enhanced their ROI and product sales, resulting in large revenues. 

Using video on your website’s landing page can result in an 80% conversion rate, suggesting that it attracts attention and produces results. If you want your brand to be known right away, video is, without a doubt, the way to go.

Video as the Foundation of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Video is, by definition, a very versatile format. You may either educate or move your audience with quick, concise statements. You may now even stream live events to your customers! Whatever approach you choose, the goal is to improve your image quickly.

The Importance of Creating Native Video Content 

Go the unique route and publish your movie to your platform directly rather than connecting to another site. You will see what we mean when assessing the differences between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube videos. Compared to the other three, where content is often shorter and without sound, YouTube content can be much longer and more active.

Subtitles, short videos that loop smoothly, and videos suited for square phone screens are also essential. There is no such thing as a video that is one-size-fits-all. According to Quintly, 84% of Facebook videos are original, while only 10% originate on YouTube.

The Crucial First Seconds of a Video

Users generally lose interest in video content after the first ten seconds due to the plethora of video marketing available nowadays. The initial few images or scenes of your video should essentially be interesting or eye-catching.

Live Video Shows the Humanity of Your Company

When it comes to building your employer brand, this is crucial. Allowing prospective clients to relate to your company as a group of creative individuals rather than a faceless corporation is a great way to pique their attention. Furthermore, going live humanizes the company and emphasizes individuality. This dramatically simplifies the process of gaining consumer trust and connecting with them.

Invest in Paid Advertising

You can easily buy adverts on virtually any major social media network and submit videos to your accounts and profiles. While it does not have the authenticity of YouTube or uploading straight to your page, it ensures that your video is viewed by anybody searching for your business and allows you to target specific demographics.

As a result, they try not to interfere with other activities, such as television advertising. When possible, 86% of Americans avoid watching television commercials. Nobody wants commercials to interrupt their favourite shows. 

Facebook and Instagram, for example, are not required to interrupt, given that users may quickly skip ads. A recent study found that paid video adverts on social media generate 18 times the traction of television commercials and currently account for 35% of all online advertising.

Understanding CTAs

Good and useful information must prompt and motivate your target audience to take action. A Call-to-Action (CTA) banner directs viewers to the next step at the end of any video clip you submit. Subtle phrases like “sign up,” “read more,” or “shop now” could be utilized to direct customers to your offerings.

These CTAs are readily available via company profiles on Facebook and Instagram. You may enhance your Facebook click-through rate by up to 285% by utilizing these features. They merely serve to link the entire video marketing process together.


Perhaps running a business nowadays is more than just selling products and making money. As we live in a digital world, we must adapt to modern times and craft genius ways to attract consumers, gain traction, and stay on top of this fast-paced environment. And through video content and social media, we can get ahead and earn a top spot in the industry.


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