How to Diversify Your Online Video Marketing Strategies

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The accessibility of developing video content is a benefit to this generation’s streaming-based consumer market. Even social media platforms are adjusting their algorithms to favour video content with the numerous streaming platforms available. This is why many brands are leaning towards using video marketing strategies to gain greater online visibility and customer engagement.

Diversifying a New Content Medium

Most companies use product videos as the simplest way to introduce their service. It’s a straightforward way to bring exposure to your brand while highlighting what you have to offer. However, these simplistic efforts aren’t enough to engage an online audience. When a person’s online feed is full of eCommerce product videos, it can be challenging for your company’s video ad to stand out. This is why you must learn to diversify your video content to appeal to your target demographic.

This article will share three video types you can use to diversify your video marketing strategy.

1. Behind the Scene (BTS) Videos

Although people will watch in awe to see your events’ highlights, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a compelling behind the scene (BTS) video. There’s a niche demographic of customers more concerned about the process instead of the final output you can deliver. It’s a common marketing strategy that avoids fabricated images and goes for a more humanised approach.

It’s a similar strategy to showing the before and after shots with models. These comparisons highlight the importance of natural beauty on and off the screen. You can use this concept and apply it to your different products and services for greater effect in appealing to a consumer’s interest and trust.

2. Employee Highlights

No consumer wants to subscribe to a faceless company. This is why it’s more common for brands to highlight staff over their company managers. Putting your focus on your workforce makes you appear more humane and empathic, giving your brand a genuine brand of humility and honesty. If a consumer sees that your company knows how to take care of its employees, they’re more likely to support your business. This manner of storytelling gives a glimpse of the kind of workplace environment you have, from how you treat your team to the joy of working on your company vision. It’s an effective ad to entice both consumers and potential job applicants.

3. Customer Reviews

Modern customers are more perceptive towards listening to their fellow consumers. Instead of relying on a brand’s product information, they find online reviews more reliable sources of information about a product. Curating customer reviews by yourself won’t always pan out well for your business. However, you can utilise the video review format in another way.

Sponsoring social media influencers is an excellent way to appease your market with a genuine review of your product. Tapping into these influencer communities will expand your reach and give your product lines a greater sense of credibility and authenticity.


Besides the video types mentioned above, you can develop numerous other forms of videos to meet your marketing campaign’s specific goals. Without the proper training and expertise in video production, you could fumble through the creative process and end up wasting your time and resources. Thankfully, you can hire professional video production companies to supplement your needs for quality video content.

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