Customer-Oriented Videos: Why They Work and What to Consider

As a growing number of businesses are starting to produce their own marketing videos, customers are exposed to more and more content that might cause them to lose interest. This often translates to a lack of vital customer conversions, which is the main objective of these videos in the first place. So what can you do to make your video production really pay off? 

This article will go over the viability and effectiveness of making customer-oriented videos. This type of content is highly marketable, and therefore profitable. We will first look into its benefits and then see what you, as a business owner, must consider in video production. 

Why Produce a Customer-Oriented Video?

More natural customer engagement 

Video marketing is considered highly effective, but now the space is loaded with stale content that is often passed over. This is especially true for videos that are too “on the nose” about a product or service that the casual viewer can easily get turned off. 

On the other hand, a more customer-oriented approach lets you first cater to the viewer’s interest or problem and offer them information or a solution. This goes beyond mere immersive content, as the video on its own should empathise with the viewer and keep them watching. Later on, it might get them buying without them even realising! 

Ease in conversions and ROI 

Producing more customer-oriented videos means having an easier time with the conversion rate. Casual viewers quickly become paying customers. The return on investment (ROI) is undeniable and easier to attain rather than with less intentional video content. 

Producing compelling customer-oriented videos help inform your next steps to business growth, your branding, and what products/services to develop to reach a broader consumer base or a different market altogether.

Stand out against other businesses with strong video production

With the ease in customer conversion, you, as a business, have the opportunity to compete against other brands either online or offline. Whether it be through digital advertising or among conventions, presenting customer-oriented videos defines you as a competitor because you have in-depth knowledge of your market. 

Other businesses may then try to replicate your success as the sincerest form of flattery. However, the moment they do, it will already be too late, as you have already grown faster and competed with bigger businesses from other niches. Be smart about your budget for video production, as it can be the game-changer your industry needs.     

How to Generate Customer-Oriented Videos

Spark friendly and engaging conversations

Just as you would be in front of your store advertising your products or services to those passing by, you can do the same with your online video. Consider every casual viewer or website browser in that way and hook them with engaging conversation. 

It’s not merely a sales pitch or talk; it’s about producing videos that help them visualise why they need your product or service. Remember―content and visuals may define video production, but those only come secondary to sparking meaningful conversations.  

Initiate a legitimate bond and use analytics

Once the connection has been made, update, or study your market analytics and data on your customers. These will help you produce better customer-oriented videos relevant to your niche and create effective digital marketing plans, like pay-per-click campaigns. Think of analytics as a key validation tool for video production. 

Reel them in to watch (and buy) more!

Once you’ve considered the aforementioned benefits and tips of customer-oriented video production, keep the revenue and sales coming by investing and upgrading. Before you know it, you will be expanding your business and customer base. 

Finally, as the shift in digital marketing is becoming more video or entertainment-based, customer-oriented video production is a niche you need to occupy as soon as possible. Make it a point to understand what your market needs and wants to make your effort worthwhile. 

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