4 Cost-Halving Practices to Stretch the Budget for a Shoot


Producing a video for businesses is a challenging task. Most of the time, start-up companies do not have the lavish budget that established firms do, resulting in depending on creative and cost-efficient ways to shoot the products or services.

Therefore, video production companies must also find ways to cut the cost in half by imploring money-saving practices for a video shoot. However, if people prefer to shoot the video themselves, what should they do to generate lesser costs and avoid going over budget? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Rent Needed Equipment

A typical video shoot requires a background, a camera, and a lighting setup. Moreover, a microphone may be added equipment in terms of recording spiels and spoken dialogues. However, nobody mentioned the need to buy these pieces of equipment for a single video shoot.

Instead, business owners can rent pieces of equipment from other companies that allow people to borrow them for a day or two for a specific price. If a project is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, it’s best not to buy any equipment as they cost quite expensive on average.

2. Hire Amateur Actors

Promoting a product or service, especially for new businesses, do not require A-list celebrities to showcase the brand. However, if the need for actors arises, hiring amateurs to play specific roles in a reel is alright.

For low-budget video shoots, it’s enough to get people like family members or friends to act as customers or promoters in a video. The actor doesn’t have to be someone famous at the moment. Instead, what’s important is how you direct the amateurs on how they would act in front of the camera.

3. Use Free Editing Software

The top editing software available in the market today costs a fortune. While editing companies have switched from a one-time payment method to a subscription method in the past years, it would be expensive to pay for an entire month of editing services for a single project.

Instead, look for trial versions of the editing software you prefer and work with what you have. Windows users can still rely on the Movie Maker but may need to download it online as it is not pre-installed in the latest versions. Meanwhile, iOS users get to work in iMovie as a pre-installed editing software on most Apple devices.

4. Shoot in Public

The best budget-friendly location is the outdoors. While studios are paid by the hour, public spaces are free to use by all. However, be reminded that there will be various issues in the shooting location as there are also other people with you at the same time. 

On average, some crew members can act as crowd control to help inform others using the space that there is an ongoing shoot, and you may need a bit of time to film some scenes.


Four factors contribute to the costs of a video production project: time, equipment, location, and talent. For starters, it’s essential to be sure about the message you send rather than the execution of the video itself. As long as people understand what you wish to convey, the quality of the video shouldn’t matter. But as your business grows, invest in better equipment, material, and content to engage your audience who might be seeing the video for your brand.

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