Corporate Videos Today: Why They Matter and What to Expect

Gone are the days when using plain text to communicate a message is okay. Now that various creative methods and platforms exist, brands, organisations, and companies are also expected to exercise their creativity when it comes to their business communications. Whether it is for internal or external messaging, corporate communications challenge themselves in bringing something exciting and new to the table. 

A corporate video is a highly engaging and powerful method for communicating with target customers, employees, and stakeholders that perfectly fits all these demands. Here is why it is a preference for many.  

Why Companies Resort to Corporate Videos

Many organisations now use corporate videos because of their effectiveness when it comes to communicating a message. It also has the following benefits:

  • Builds Trust and Credibility – Beautifully produced content always provides a sense of integrity and character.
  • Versatility – You can create videos in many forms and for various purposes. They can help you educate and inform people. You can use one to demonstrate a product or compile user testimonials. It can also provide added entertainment when you use it in your email marketing efforts.
  • Higher ROI (Return of Investment) – More people enjoy watching videos nowadays, as they are a form of easily shareable media. They give your brand more reach and engagement. 
  • Ease of Customization – You can easily tailor the content to fit your current marketing needs.
  • Better Reach to Mobile Audience – Videos are a preferred form of entertainment for mobile users. Using this medium will help you capture their attention better. 

What to Expect in a Video Production Process

There are three parts of the production process:


The entire preparation process is the pre-production stage. This part is where the team sets the groundwork and plans and coordinates with the rest of the production team. It is a series of meetings and site visits that also includes fact-finding. This phase is when the group gathers all the raw materials for your video. 

Here are the crucial tasks that the team needs to finalise during the pre-production phase:

  • Video objective and strategy
  • Project budget and scope
  • Location scouting
  • Story selection
  • Finalisation of the project timeline
  • Scriptwriting
  • Sourcing talents or characters 
  • Finalisation of the production team and equipment needed

Production Proper

The production stage is where the approved story and concept come to life. If the video involves interviews and footage, this is where it all happens. Following the script, the crew will film scenes and adhere to the lighting, angles, and location instructions to make a compelling video. 

The team practices creativity and allot plenty of time to this phase. These are the tasks involved in the production stage: 

  • Setting up and utilising the sound, light, and video equipment
  • Capturing all the raw footage needed
  • Recording voice-overs when necessary

In this phase, everyone on the team must follow one storyline and timeline to make the whole work production process fruitful and effective. 


This part is when the editor reviews all the video and audio footage gathered from the shoot. The editor will choose which among the raw footages are compelling enough to make the statement. They also use software to stitch everything together. 

At this stage, the whole editing team will coordinate, organise, plan, and edit the video. They are the final storytellers who make sure that the entire video is smooth, engaging, and valuable. 

The process includes:

  • Logging all the interviews or raw footage
  • Selecting the audio
  • Producing the final story 
  • Editing the video
  • Getting feedback and applying revisions
  • Exporting the video to its final format

It is also the part where the team creates visual effects, enhances the audio or adds sound effects, and designs the music scoring. 


If you want to level up your corporate content and reach a wider audience more effectively, a corporate video is one way to go. Its format gives you plenty of creative freedom and possibilities, and you can use it in your marketing campaigns and internal and external communications. To get the best result possible, consider partnering with an experienced video production team. 

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