Where Can a Corporate Video Be Used, Website Aside?

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Video content can be a great marketing tool. Many companies are reluctant to create video content because they don’t know how to distribute corporate videos. In fact, a lot of them get the feeling that their website is the only place for corporate videos. In reality, there are many application areas for that video content. 

Business Presentations and Proposals

PowerPoint presentations have their merits, but professional videos are great. It can go a long way in terms of explaining concepts and the like. There will also be instances where a video can tie various aspects of a presentation up neatly.

It’s also helpful for proposals and presentations that are sent over digitally. These days especially, there’s just no time or no room for in-person meetings to explain things or take questions in real time. This is where video can be very beneficial. 

Since videos have versatility, it’s also convenient to switch things up according to the client or proposal at hand. Even content that’s been used before will work since it will still come off as having gone the extra mile. So even a single corporate video, executed well, will do wonders.


The content can go into an e-mail in a number of ways. The e-mail signature is one, which widens the audience. It’s also a rather subtle way of promoting without giving off a pushy vibe. That’s because it is in the footer alongside other contact points (mobile number, etc). 

It can also be material for an introductory video. A good rule of thumb is to make it part of the welcome/introduction after someone signs up for the mailing list.

Social Media

This is easily a given, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mentioned. It’s important to work with a reputable corporate video production company. The quality needs to be high and professional-grade. Given the aforementioned apprehension on placement, some companies hold back. Social media is one of the best places to disseminate these videos. YouTube is the default starting point with a number of benefits in itself.

Google rankings will improve if a company has a strong presence on YouTube, which is owned by Google. Additionally, a corporate YouTube video is likely to show up in the search results for the company, giving it more exposure than ever before. Consider using YouTube as part of the company’s Google presence, as well as a factor in the overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

A good rule of thumb would be to add subtitles or onscreen text for better accessibility. Consider platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also. If there’s no corporate Instagram page yet, it would be beneficial to set one up. Shorter videos work well on there; key snippets of the corporate will do well on there.


There is a misconception that a corporate video is only good for the website of the business. In truth, when professionally done by a reputable company, that kind of video can go a long way. Corporate videos can also be used in e-mails, social media and business presentations and proposals.

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