Content Marketing Tips: 3 Ways to Repurpose Old Videos

Many brands and businesses realise the potential of video content for their marketing campaigns to meet modern consumers’ wants and needs. The audio-visual format is a lot more accessible now, with more advanced mobile devices and stronger internet connections. Besides inviting higher customer conversion rates, video content is a versatile product that can adapt to other mediums and formats.

How to repurpose pre-existing video content

The most significant advantage of producing video content is that you can adapt it to different media. You can shorten it to various social media platform ad placements or extract its audio to serve as a radio ad. With a little bit of tinkering and imagination, you can repurpose your old videos to diverse formats without even spending on your production budget.

If you have some video content lying around your hard drives, here are three ways to repurpose them for your content marketing strategies:

1. Adjust it for social media ads

When it comes to producing video content, it’s better to have a longer runtime. It’s because it’s much easier to compartmentalise a video instead of shortening it. Modern consumers have a much shorter attention span, which is why ads in social media platforms can range from around 2 minutes to anything as short as 6 seconds.

If you have a long-form video content on hand that’s around 5-10 minutes or so, you can reduce it to match the social media platform of your choice. Before you head to the splicing room, you should research what video lengths will work best on your chosen social media network. Ensure that the video still contains the essence of what you want to say without requiring too many post-production adjustments.

2. Create content pieces around your videos

Depending on the video you have, you can develop different content pieces around it. Creating blog posts about videos is an excellent way to reinforce your video’s message while giving more information. You can look at its production value, product introduction, importance to your brand, and more.

If you want it to be promotional, you can dress your blog post to appear like a press release of your video content. This allows you to include backlinks to important sponsors or product landing pages that emphasize your brand placements. On the other hand, you can go a more casual route and create a behind-the-scenes to present bloopers during production. This more informal approach allows your business and staff to appear more relatable to your audiences.

3. Splice multiple videos into a highlight reel

An excellent way to introduce your brand to potential customers is to tell your company’s story. You can stitch up snapshots of your old video’s highlights into a spectacular montage. This allows you to recap all the important events and accomplishments in just a short amount of time.

Showcasing your best moments right away will help them look forward to what your business can do. It also allows them to recognise your experience in handling several projects under your belt. Companies usually create these videos for product launches or anniversaries, which generally comes with limited-time offers or services for sale.


Video content is quickly becoming one of the most popular content marketing formats for businesses due to its impact on high ROI and customer conversion rates. It’s a versatile medium that can adapt to various content formats, which is why your investment in a quality video production team will pay off in the long term.

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