Communicating Your Brand Using Video: A Guide

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Companies exert a ton of effort just to relate to their customers, which includes compelling videos. Videos are extensively used because of two main reasons: attracting customers and attracting talent. With this in mind, one of the most common messages that a company can communicate is its values.

According to LinkedIn’s Workplace Culture Report, 86% of millennials (24 to 40-year-olds) would consider taking a salary drop just to work at a company whose values align with their own.

Why bother with company values? How do you precisely communicate your values through video? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

The Importance of Company Values

The realm of business is built on a lot of competition, so competitive advantage has always been non-negotiable. More importantly, each company has a culture and set of values that they follow, regardless if it’s set in stone or not.

Let’s first establish culture. Culture is what you tolerate as a business, and businesses have taken the time to cultivate their respective cultures. It’s like an identity for them. Having company values is excellent, and developing them through the business system is better. However, you’ll have to communicate those values to see the best results.

Understanding the Power of Video

It’s no secret that video is one of the most effective kinds of communication. The reason for this is that it’s effortless to consume. It’s a pretty linear experience, and information consumption almost always happens in an instant.

Video is also a hit among people because it can give a lot of information in a short amount of time. If your company values are communicated in blocks of text, people will be unlikely to be interested in knowing you better. Using a video to communicate values can show the results of those values.

Leveraging Video for Company Values

When communicating your company values, you need to choose a type of video that best suits your organisation, budget, and allotted time. Below are some of the standard methods that you can employ:

#1: The Company Presentation

Through the use of company presentations, you communicate everything there is to know about your company. These include the company mission statement, value statement, and core values. 

While it can be pretty traditional from an approach standpoint, it can still produce great results. In a way, it’s much like those in-your-face presentations that are common in business but more engaging and realistic.

#2: The ‘Day-in-the-Life’ Video

This type of video is more akin to a vlog, and it’s also employee-focused. As the name suggests, it focuses on how an employee’s day working in your company goes. It’s a great way to communicate values while also proving them in real-time.

The video must communicate what it’s like to work in your company and why such values are essential. In a way, these kinds of videos can also help in your company’s recruitment.

#4: The Graphic and Text-Led Video

This is one of the more straightforward ways that you can communicate company values. These videos work best when presented as short snippets, and they can focus on one value at a time or more, depending on the details.

#5: The Values-Manifested Video

This type of video sees the company values manifested in real life. It could be an event, be it a charity event or something based on a true story.

This kind of video also adds a layer of authenticity to your brand, and it’s not something done easily. Bear in mind that everything should be 100% real, as anything less can do more harm to your brand because of fraud.


Videos are an effective way to communicate, and using them to your advantage is no different. By expressing your brand through video, you’re helping build a positive reputation. However, make sure that everything remains authentic. Clients and customers look for authenticity—anything less can end up hurting your brand. 

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