How Your Business Can Use Video Calls-to-Action Effectively

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Digital marketing is the best way to promote your business online, and if you want to keep up with or achieve more than your competitors, you should constantly be thinking about new strategies. This is why you must go beyond beautifully written copy. Nowadays, it would help to produce high-quality videos with compelling and moving elements to draw in your target audience.

How are you handling your video content? If you’re working with a video production company, they will tell you that just putting in a Call to Action (CTA) on the webpage is not enough. You want to get your target audience moved enough to trigger a favourable action.

If you want your videos and your CTAs to work well together, you are in the right place. Keep on reading for a brief guide.

What Is a Video Call-to-Action?

A Video Call-to-Action is a particular part of a video designed to engage your viewers in concrete ways. The main goal of these segments is to encourage a specific action while they are watching your video.

Are you feeling confused about what CTAs are? It’s like the simple message you have likely heard many times while watching a YouTube video: “Click like, subscribe, and don’t forget to share the video!” YouTube influencers and content creators include these CTAs in their videos because they want to encourage viewers to subscribe and get notifications when a new video is ready for watching.

If there’s one thing to note, the verbal CTA is often coupled with an actual Subscribe button graphic somewhere in the video. Not to mention, there’s the actual Subscribe button you can find just below.

If you haven’t been putting CTAs in your videos, here’s one thing you should think about. Without CTAs, you fail to promote your marketing funnel, and you are losing valuable dollars.

What Type of Video Call-to-Action Should Your Business Use?

As a business owner, there are various types of Calls-to-Action you may ask from your customers. You can encourage them to fill out a form, watch another video, visit a particular webpage, request a demo, or make a purchase.

So, suppose you are using a video platform to promote your business and enhance the experience on your website. In that case, an important thing to remember is how noticeable and accessible your CTAs are. The better the CTA features are, the less friction there will be in following through with the action after watching the video. You should operate on the concept that the more prominent a CTA button is, the more likely your target audience will click it.

How Can You Use a Video Call-to-Action on YouTube?

The most common platform for posting videos is YouTube. However, the features for CTAs are relatively basic. You have watermarks and buttons that can send viewers to a new destination. Usually, you can connect your video to a landing page, a product page, or a service page.

Depending on what your video looks like, these buttons cannot be too noticeable. Your option here would be to mix in another essential service from Google, Google Ads.

How Can You Use a Video Call-to-Action in Vidyard?

Another video platform you can use for videos is Vidyard. Vidyard was designed with marketing teams in mind. So, the platform’s features mainly help generate leads and entice customers to take the next step.

With Vidyard, you can do a full-screen post-roll CTA, a banner CTA anytime in the video, and an email form you can add at the start or end of any video.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is the next big thing to focus on as an advertiser and business owner. Not taking advantage of its strengths can mean losing a lot of potential income. So, as a business owner, you must think about your marketing strategy, starting with high-end video production.

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