4 Reasons Branded Videos Should Get Straight to the Point

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Brands have found how different effective forms of media can be in trying to garner attention online. Video format, in particular, has been a very massive hit all across the board. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are solely dedicated to showcasing these, and they’re doing pretty well in terms of the number of users and engagement.

Businesses can take advantage of this by producing and publishing their own video content. However, there can be a bit of a debacle when it comes to figuring out how long the video should be. There seems to be so much necessary information that needs to be shared with a consumer that you wouldn’t know how to fit it all in under a minute or two.

However, it’s recommended that brands avoid dilly-dallying around in a recording. It’s better for a video to cut to the chase rather than to have it prolonged, so work with a video production crew who would be able to produce that short-form content for you.

Not feeling convinced? Here are four reasons why brand videos should get straight to the point:

Saturation of Content

There is so much existing content online, with some produced by your business’s competition. As there’s only so little time in an average consumer’s day, they can only really take in a select amount of video content.

Having shorter content would allow you a better chance to make it into that threshold of hours and make your videos more visible to a wider audience. Beat other rival businesses’ content by making your videos quicker to watch and, ultimately, easier to understand.

Impatience of Consumers

Another thing that consumers may face aside from limited time is their own impatience. Most adults may scroll past a video if they don’t find the first 30 seconds of it interesting, or if they see from the timestamp that the video is too long.

Even when consumers are patient enough to go through a video, they’re likely only able to retain the information that was initially shared. In all these cases, it’s much more ideal to just create branded videos that would be shorter and easier for your target audience to consume.

Appeal to Social Networks

As mentioned above, there are many social networking platforms that are geared towards video. Even other sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to favour and drive video content to the viewer. Autoplay features have been introduced to make things easier for viewers.

Optimization is key when it comes to digital marketing. Frankly, having shorter videos that share your product or the brand that you’re handling is considerably better on the algorithm of those platforms too.

Discipline in Marketing

Marketing’s main goal is to shorten the thinking time that a consumer has between learning about a product and purchasing it, prompting a quicker decision from the viewer. With that in mind, conceptualizing and creating videos that drag on may be a little counterintuitive.

Think of creating short-form branded videos as a challenge instead for your business and the video production team that you’re working with. Try to assess how you would properly communicate and entice viewers with just a few seconds of runtime.


In summary, it’s much more optimal for brands to create and have shorter videos on their channels and profiles. Compressing the information for your target audience and reducing the length can be effective in improving your business’s conversion rate.

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