Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Animated Explainer Videos

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All marketing campaigns generally have one universal goal: communicate a company’s message to its target consumers. Your marketing efforts need to be clear and easy to digest for your market to understand. This applies to different marketing objectives, whether you’re hosting a massive product launch or simply notifying an adjustment in operating hours.

Animated explainer videos are exactly what their name implies. It’s generally a video that runs for about 1 to 3 minutes, introducing a product, idea, or anything in between. It’s an excellent way to compress huge chunks of information into a digestible format, like a well-designed infographic. With today’s fast-paced generation populated by consumers with short attention spans, animated explainer videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to deliver your brand’s message.

Utilizing animated explainer videos

Traditional explainer videos use live-action footage using either a voiceover or actor to discuss a topic or introduce a product. Animated explainer videos offer a higher level of versatility, with most of its video production period using up post-production. Besides saving you expenses for a shooting budget, you’ll also receive various benefits that align with your marketing campaign.

In this article, we’ll share three ways animated explainer videos can boost your marketing efforts:

1. Animated explainer videos can simplify complex ideas

Although product explainer videos usually highlight the actual product or service in action, there are limitations you’ll have to work with for other video formats. Unlike live footage restrictions, you don’t need to provide vivid footage of actual concepts and ideas.

You can utilize simplified images and typography to represent concepts and ideas in an easy-to-digest format. Additionally, you can still feature live footage with actors or brand ambassadors by incorporating a green screen to edit in and out different parts of your video.

2. Animated explainer videos will look impressive to your viewers

Animation is a specialized technique that not a lot of people are familiar with. While anyone can make a TikTok video or Instagram story in under five minutes, it takes more effort and skill to develop an animated explainer video. This makes your content more appealing to view amidst the sea of other videos in the market.

Remember that you don’t have to make Pixar or Disney-level masterpieces to produce a successful explainer video. Motion graphics videos are relatively easy to make even if it still requires a skilled professional’s expertise.

3. Animated explainer videos work best as short and effective content

Current and future consumer markets have a much lower attention span than previous generations. This is noticeable in recent trends that favor more compact blog posts with shorter word counts and the popularity of TikTok. Thankfully, animated explainer videos work best within a short runtime. Since you can fit as much valuable information as possible in a minute or less, it’s much easier to view, comment, and share these videos with your different marketing channels. This can reinforce your brand recall better than other content pieces that take a couple of minutes to read and process.


Using video content as a means to communicate your brand’s message isn’t anything out of the ordinary. In fact, many branding experts are shifting to video to accommodate a more diverse format to appeal to younger demographics. This is why it’s an excellent investment to learn more about video production and how it can affect your business’s different processes.

Besides making explainer videos, there are also other ways to incorporate video to your business, from corporate videos to instructional modules. Video Ink is a versatile video production service in Manchester that can assist you in integrating video to your business processes. If you want to use video content to optimize your company, get in touch with us today!

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