The Basics of Video Work during Post-production Times

Due to COVID-19, many people were forced to stay home due to the current state of affairs. Social event planning is at an all-time high, and that is where we see a surge in demand for high-quality work from a video production agency. While staring at a screen does not quite measure up to the energy of a live experience, a well-produced video piece can inspire the same feelings in an audience. There are several elements behind the scenes of high-quality video production, from pre-prod, prod, and — our main topic — post-prod.

Pre-Prod and Prod

The pre-production phase is when a video production agency gets all its ducks in a row to ensure that the rest of the production goes smoothly.

The concept is an essential component of any video. But the idea isn’t just a matter of having a good idea: it’s also a matter of taking the right amount of time to come up with the right idea. Unfortunately, spending the right amount of time developing the right idea is often an overlooked part of video production. Not on our watch!

The production phase is when they film the video. The video production agency you’re working with brings all the necessary equipment, such as lights and cameras, out to your location and captures whatever footage you need. If you need to add elements such as motion graphics or voice-overs, that work will be done in post-production.


Post-production is one of the most critical steps of making a video. A great production company takes your raw footage and transforms it into a compelling, engaging product. 

Once pre-prod and prod are accomplished, these post-prod tasks must be completed by every video production agency:

  • Audio and music mixing: The background music of your video is often overshadowed by the visuals, but it can genuinely take your content from boring to impressive. The style of the music needs to fit into the content of the video, and it needs to match the tone, pace, and editing of your visible portion.

The tone of your video determines what sort of music you choose for your video. The pace of the cutaways in your piece and its overall volume levels will help determine what kind of musical style works for you. If you have recognisable artists or pieces, you must pay fees to use copyrighted music in your work. 

  • Editing: After shooting, editing begins. Video editors closely look at the hours of raw footage and select the best takes for the final sequence with the help of industry-standard editing tools like Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, or Davinci Resolve. 

Once you’ve picked the best takes, editors put the film together per a script and storyboard in a way that highlights your core messages. Some companies may request changes or edits to the documents during editing – ensure you reach an agreement with your production company beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • VFX: A motion-graphics or animation can liven up any video and be an essential part of the post-production process for your video. An example of motion graphics ranges from a simple logo animation to a full-on explosion like you’d see in a Hollywood movie!
  • Voiceover recording: A voiceover can be a powerful addition to your video content. A production team devoted to this work will work with you to refine your core message and drive home the essential points. They will record and edit your video through various takes, allowing for flexibility when it comes time to edit and ensuring a cohesive end product.


While post-prod can be the process where course corrections are made, we still recommend you ensure getting the best footage and audio during prod. Ensure your pre-prod is planned out well, so your shoot goes without a hitch, and you get the best audio and video quality throughout each production phase!

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