5 Tips for Making Attention-Grabbing Product Videos

Video marketing has become a really popular way to engage with potential customers, and it’s no surprise why. Attention spans are increasingly getting shorter, and product videos can provide easily digestible information to viewers. Unfortunately, not all videos are made the same. Yours could easily get lost in an overwhelming sea of information. Here are a few tips that can help you reel customers in with your product videos:

1. Tell a Story

Use your video to tell a compelling story about your product and what it does for customers. While it’s best to have a video focused on the product itself, sometimes it’s best to have a video that focuses on the people who use your product or service. This can help your potential customers empathise with those who use your product and encourage them to purchase from you.

2. Keep It Short

The Internet is an often distracting place that can draw attention away from product videos. You want to make sure that your video will capture people’s attention within a short period. Keep your video brief, and focus on what your potential customers want to know–what’s unique and compelling about your product.

3. Use a Strong Call to Action

The purpose of a product video is to drive sales, so use a strong call to action to direct viewers to take action. Make sure to include a clear link to purchase the product or to a page where they can learn more about it and the different ways they can purchase. This can be a direct link to your site or an affiliate link. Always be closing!

4. Make it Innovative

Most of the product videos you’ll come across will involve a person talking directly to the camera. While this approach can work, in some cases, it can seem boring and stale. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and then see what you can do differently. Let your product video set you apart, and watch as customers flock.

5. Tell the Truth

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made with product videos is to mislead customers into believing that your product is better than it actually is. While it’s great to have a video that shows the benefits of your product, be wary of overselling it or using exaggerated claims. People will quickly spot disingenuousness in a video, and your viewers will be unlikely to return when they realise that your product isn’t the magic solution to their problems.


Creating product videos is a great way to communicate your product to potential customers, but only if you do it right. The tips listed above can help you increase the effectiveness of your product videos and create an engaging promotional tool. Product videos are extremely important for an e-commerce business, as they allow you to communicate effectively with potential customers. Compelling videos require great ideas, and great ideas come with practice, so get started sooner, and you’ll have a hit on your hands in no time!
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