5 Ways to Add Storytelling in a Video Marketing Campaign

Today, most companies have a website or a social media channel because it’s an easy way to market their products or services. However, online presence alone isn’t enough because they must also reel in more prospects. Content marketing can achieve this, and one perfect example is video marketing.

Video marketing involves delivering important information about your brand, product, or service. A video must be well-made to ensure it captures the attention of your target audience. However, this will be more effective by integrating storytelling, which will make your videos more engaging. Without it, your video may fail to reach your target audience, rendering your efforts useless. Understandably, it can be pretty tricky to integrate storytelling in a marketing video, so we’ll discuss several tips to make it effective. These include:

#1 – Know Your Target Audience

Before creating your marketing video, you should know who you’re making it for. This will help you decide on specific aspects such as the right message, tone, and visual design.

Once you know who you want to reach, you must understand their needs, interests, and preferences. You must also know what is relevant to them and what they think about the products or services you’re offering. After all, you’re not trying just to sell a product; you must also sell the dream behind your product or service.

#2 – Create a Narrative

Storytelling is a great way to integrate a narrative into your marketing video. For example, you want to tell the story of how your company was founded. Or you can tell a story about the benefits of your product or service.

Storytelling is also important because it creates a bond with your target audience. To make your video more engaging, you should narrate your video in a personable way. Tell your audience how you came up with the name of your brand or product, and give your audience a personal account.

However, you don’t have to create a video that sounds like a documentary. Your video should be entertaining, but it must be information-rich so your audience can learn more about your brand, product, or service.

#3 – Pick the Best Video Format

There are several formats to choose from when making a marketing video. The most popular video formats are listicle, how-to, and explainer. Conversely, deciding on one can be tricky because each format has advantages and disadvantages.

A listicle format can help you condense a lot of information into a few minutes. It can also help you keep the attention of your audience. But it may not effectively convey your message because it’s difficult to explain anything in a few minutes. In contrast, a how-to format may be too lengthy and may not be entertaining to watch.

Explainer videos are a great choice because they are informative and entertaining. Because it’s fast-paced, it can keep your audience hooked. However, because it relies on visuals and sound, it may not be easy for your audience members to read.

#4 – Assemble a Production Team

Once you have the above considerations, you can assemble a production team to help create a marketing video. Before hiring anyone, ensure you know what skills you need and what budget you have. Since storytelling is vital to making your video more engaging, you may need to hire a video producer who can help your audience understand your brand, product, or service.

Hiring a video producer will also help you save time because they know what shots to use and which to avoid. The production team can also help you coordinate schedules, manage the script, and ensure the video is delivered on time.

#5 – Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Above all else, you should never forget that video marketing is part of a larger marketing strategy. You should set a goal for your video marketing strategy to figure out what you want to achieve with your video. Do you want to build awareness for your brand or product? Or do you want to promote your brand or product? Once you know what you want, you can create a marketing strategy to help you reach your goal.


Storytelling is a crucial aspect of video marketing and can help you achieve your marketing goals. However, you must never forget that marketing is part of a larger strategy that involves many aspects. By being aware of what your target audience wants and crafting a narrative, you can create a great marketing video to help your audience understand you.

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