What Are the 7 Elements of a Good Video for Social Media?

Whether a quick 15-second clip or longer-form content, video is gaining popularity on social media platforms. This form of content allows organisations and marketing individuals to connect with their target audience more effectively. They can also entertain, educate, and inspire and have the power to evoke emotions and drive action. 

Although this marketing material can help you grow your brand and interact with your viewers, that only works if you put effort into creating and editing quality content. You should also consider essential factors like posting frequency, message, and aspect. 

If you’re ready to create more compelling and click-worthy videos, this article will enumerate what you should always include when uploading this material for social media. 

1. A Compelling Story 

Instead of solely relying on visuals, you can engage users by incorporating an intriguing story into your video for social media platforms. Keep the messaging clear, concise, and simple, as people have limited time and may quickly move on to other content. 

You can make your story more engaging by using visuals and audio to convey the message without relying on sound or text. Also, use authentic imagery and audio to create a genuine connection with viewers.

2. Exciting and Stunning Visuals 

When creating videos for social media, you must grab people’s attention with visually appealing elements. Choose your most captivating shot, text, or graphic to immediately attract viewers and maintain their interest by incorporating your best content throughout the video. Also, the thumbnail is crucial for attracting your audience, so choose a compelling frame from your video or enhance it using editing techniques before uploading.

3. Technical Proficiency

Successful social media posts adhere to certain principles for creating high-quality videos. These include having clear and understandable audio, steady footage, and capturing shots from intriguing and distinctive angles. When posting content, you should also follow each social media platform’s guidelines and requirements.

It includes specifications like dimensions, compression settings, and duration. Moreover, familiarise yourself with these requirements and create efficient workflows to save time and prevent frustration.

4. Efficient Text Use

A video with lengthy, error-filled, or quickly disappearing text becomes difficult to comprehend and engage with. You must have text on screen long enough for viewers to read it twice for better understanding. Also, include amusing, surprising, or thought-provoking text to make your presentation more engaging. Moreover, adding personal subtitles can be a good option, as automatic subtitles may have errors.

5. Cool Visual Effects

Incorporating visual effects into your videos can make them more unique and improve quality. Lower thirds, logo reveals, motion tracking, and other elements can enhance the overall look. Slide shows, credit sequences, infographics, animations, and 2D flash elements are all easy-to-use options to elevate your videos.

6. Quality over Quantity

Considering your preferences and workflow, you must decide when and how often you want to post content. You must maintain the quality of your videos and not overwork yourself by constantly producing content. 

Although consistency is crucial, sometimes posting less frequently can be more effective. If you have a lengthy project, consider breaking it into shorter sections to dedicate more time to each part and gradually release the videos over time.

7. A Branding or Call to Action

Branding in social media videos is essential for viewers to connect with the company or artist. Include links and a referral link to your other accounts and storefront. Use watermarks to protect your work and promote your logo, but don’t overwhelm viewers.

Keep it simple and ensure people know how to contact you. Stay professional and analyse statistics to see what works. Use visual and storytelling trends, but have fun as a creator.

Key Takeaways

Uploading videos for social media platforms can help you gain an audience, but that only works if it’s compelling and easy to understand. You can achieve better brand visibility by telling a compelling story, keeping things clear and straightforward, and working with a reputable production agency. 

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