5 Tips For Creating Brand User-Generated Videos – Our Guide

User-generated video content is finding its way even more ubiquitously onto our screens, thanks to social media and other digital means. In the fast-paced digital world, people are constantly turning to social media to entertain themselves, fill their conversations, and influence their decisions. 

Advertisers caught wind of the shift quite some time ago as it became clear that the traditional methods of advertising won’t be able to keep up. It was not long ago that commercials were limited to being planned, produced, and released by an entire production team, in a closed studio or set, over several weeks or months. 

The rise in popularity of user-generated content is largely due to the fact that people are more likely to trust a recommendation from their social network. In one study, it was found that user-generated content earns 73% more positive responses on social media platforms than traditional advertising. People find that personal testimonies from friends feel more authentic and sincere than manufactured endorsements by celebrities.

User-generated content also has lots of advantages to brand owners. Amateur videos are cost-effective. Video production costs are kept to a minimum. People will use equipment that is readily available such as a mobile phone or handheld camera. Since these are easier to produce, the content tends to be more dynamic and can, therefore, keep people interested in the campaign for an extended period of time.

In some cases, user-generated video campaigns happen without the prompting of an advertiser. This is when something goes “viral”. When this happens, companies can either latch onto this momentum or just allow the content to run its natural course, depending on how positive the effect is on their brand. 

If you want to be deliberate about producing content for your brand, though, here are our top tips to get you started:

1 – Establish your objective

Having a clear goal for your campaign will drive it in the right direction. When you turn to user-generated content, you might feel overwhelmed by what you find. Consult an experienced video production company that can help you carve out a plan. 

2 – Include a strong call to action

Make your brand elicit a response from your target customers. You will need to prompt people by giving them a reason to get off their sofas, take out their phones, and start shooting. 

3 – Provide readers with guidelines

Even users need direction in this setting–but not too much. Frame the conversation you want to have about it by providing guide questions that will generate the type of responses you’re looking for. Stop short, however, of providing the script, as this takes away from the feeling of authenticity and relatability.

4 – Consider technicalities

If your target is to get normal people to talk about your brand, keep in mind that most people won’t have access to equipment and location sets as a corporate video production company would. Consider a production company that specializes in this kind of content that can help you produce an aesthetically pleasing and attractive final product. 

5 – Keep it short

Because this video will find its way onto social media platforms, short is still what sells. Much like an average TV commercial, viewer attention spans for advertising are still short. 30-60 seconds is ideal for videos, especially when you consider that they’ll be encountering them online where it’s easy to swipe up and from one page to the next. 


When it comes to advertising, times are definitely changing. What hasn’t, though, is what people are looking for and that is looking for what makes a brand relevant to them on a personal level. Video production can take on new forms but if you follow these tips you can discover a dynamic new way to get your brand out there.

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