5 Mistakes to Avoid in Video Marketing – Our Guide

Videos have become a great way to capture people’s attention. They’re quick ways to convey information about your company, promote your services, and they are accessible through most smart devices. The thing is, because they’re so popular, it can be difficult to make your video stand out from the crowd.

When designed the right way, videos can effectively launch your company into viral success. However, if you’ve packed it with content that your viewers may not appreciate, it could spell trouble for your business and its branding. 

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid in promoting your company through video marketing:

1. Using Complicated Language

Videos are meant to be circulated among as many people as possible. This means that your video has to be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. If you use complicated language and jargon, your viewers will likely lose interest and exit out of your video before finishing it. 

However, if you keep your language simple and easy to understand, then you’re more likely to draw people to watch your videos and keep them interested. They’ll spend less time figuring out what you’re trying to say and more time appreciating the message you’re putting out.

2. Making It Too Long

People’s attention spans have significantly increased with the influx of technology that supplies instant gratification. This has made it even more challenging for companies to produce compelling content as the time limit has gotten shorter and shorter. If your video has a considerable length, there’s a good chance that people won’t even open it. 

A good way to capture people’s attention is to keep it simple and short. Your focus is to deliver the most impact in the shortest amount of time possible. By making your videos bite-sized, your viewers will be encouraged to finish the video and even look for more of your content if they were impressed by it!

3. Putting Too Much Information

Delivering maximum impact in the shortest amount of time doesn’t mean you can pack in as much information as you want. In fact, this will overwhelm your viewers and turn them off from watching the rest of your video. Putting too much information about the campaign or your company may confuse your viewers and subsequently lose their interest. Instead, try to divide the content over several videos and put a hook at the end of each video. This will encourage your audience to look forward to the next video and ensure more viewers for each video you upload!

4. Shamelessly Self-Promoting

Social media and other forms of entertainment have become saturated with advertising and self-promotion that one glimpse of it can easily turn viewers away. It makes the company look insincere in adding value to people’s lives through their services, and it also makes the company look more interested in raking in profit. 

When brainstorming content for your video marketing, focus on content that will most likely be shared on social media. This could be reviews of satisfied customers or even a look behind-the-scenes of your company. It will show your customers the people behind your company and create a more intimate connection between your customers and your employees. 

5. Trying to Go Viral

The thrill of going viral is very tempting for most companies. Sometimes, this is where most companies channel their energy, but this can easily backfire on video marketing strategy. Viral content may not be suitable for certain kinds of businesses, like small-town plumbing, so it’s best to discern first whether or not going viral is feasible and if it should be a priority. 

Viral content often does not present realistic measures of success. Some posts and videos can rack up millions of views but bring in only so much money. Meanwhile, other posts can rack up just a few thousand views but bring in tens of thousands of dollars. 

Bottom Line

Video marketing is a great and contemporary way to promote your business. If done right, then it can do wonders for your business and help you reach the core of your audience. By keeping in mind these mistakes to avoid, you’ll be creating compelling, attractive content that will have your customers flocking to your company in no time.

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