4 Video Types You Can Use for Your Next Corporate Production

Social media is a noisy and crowded place that is often full of content creators from established businesses and personalities down to the hobbyists. Because of this, you might think it’s not worth it to insert yourself and go against all the competition on the platform. However, the audiences you want to reach are regulars in these platforms, which is why you have to make sure your business stands out from the horde and makes a lasting impression. 

Videos are among the greatest and most effective tools to help you achieve this. While they started as scripted, rigid, and overly promotional multimedia, they have evolved over the years, now taking many forms and incorporating many styles. In today’s tough competition to catch people’s attention, the most creative ideas often win. 

To create eye-catching and effective content for your business, here are four video types you can use for your next corporate production:

1. Informational 

Informational and educational videos are produced to do what they say they would: inform and educate. These are the usual explanatory videos that you can use to educate both existing and potential customers about your latest offerings or promos. 

Although you might think they have no entertainment value, they’re helpful for those who are searching the Internet for solutions to their problems. If they see that you have an answer they’re looking for, they will click your video and watch it. 

Further, since they aren’t necessarily entertaining or enjoyable to watch, the engagement will not be as good as the other types of videos listed here. Rather than liking informational videos or sharing it, people will more likely head straight to your contact forms and fill them out. 

2. Excitement and entertainment

As a business, you’re not limited to the traditional informational video. This is why you can explore other styles and even put a little element of surprise or action. Video series that have a compelling storyline, just the right drama, and action-packed sequences can hook your audience and make them stay. Additionally, the exposition has to be equally captivating to make them stop scrolling through their feeds, stay on your video, and watch until the end. 

Producing a successful feature film or mini-series may sound costly, but you don’t necessarily have to allocate a big budget towards it. With the right brand storytelling, a professional execution, and a hardworking production team, you’ll be sure to produce an entertaining video your target audience will love. 

3. Hip and trendy 

Aside from producing informational videos or going with storylines, you can also produce videos that showcase the trends and styles of today. This will help you reach younger audiences in particular. 

As you produce these videos, however, don’t forget to protect your brand’s authenticity. Don’t try too hard to be up-to-the-minute to the point that you stray away from your brand persona. Your younger audiences are quick to detect marketing gimmicks poorly disguised as trendy content, so be careful in treading this path. Find ways to stay up-to-date without abandoning your brand personality. 

4. Inspirational

Relevant issues concerning society and the world as a whole always hit home with people. If you feel passionate about a cause, use your platform and your video content to bring the cause to light. 

As much as you put resources into generating business, work on your social responsibility as well. However, remember that creating inspiring videos around your brand values and beliefs can be a daunting task to accomplish as the audience can easily tell if you’re being insincere. If you make a promise, make sure to fulfil it through your actions.  


Connecting with your audience through videos can be exciting once you’ve found an effective formula. During the beginning stages, however, it will be a trial-and-error process to discover which styles work for you and which don’t. If you do not have the workforce or expertise to pull off a professional-looking video, it will be best to leave the job in the hands of experts instead.

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