4 Reasons You Should Subtitle Your Videos – What to Know

Videos, which have long been regarded as an entertaining way to dispense information, are becoming increasingly popular in online marketing. It offers a more engaging method for customers to consume content and learn more about a business. Producing more videos is also an excellent way to increase engagement with your customers while making your company more accessible. 

Thanks to technological advancements made in smartphones, it’s become even easier to watch videos. Whether you’re in the tube, waiting for your take-away, or at the doctor’s office, accessing interesting videos is done in just a few taps. If you want your audience to be more likely to watch your videos, you’ll want to consider adding subtitles. 

Here are four reasons subtitles boost your online engagement:

It Sets You Apart On Social Media

Social media is replete with content creators on virtually every platform. These creators find incredible success in their videos, which often achieve more organic reach than photos. However, given the easy accessibility of videos on our smartphones, most people tend to watch it without audio, especially in public places. 

Sometimes, the volume can be embarrassingly loud, and they might not have any earphones to listen privately. If your video doesn’t have any subtitles, the viewer won’t understand what’s going on if the video relies on speech or sounds. They’re then likely to scroll onto the next video.

With subtitles, you’ll help set yourself apart from your competitors. People can digest your content without needing to hear it, making your videos even more comfortable to watch. 

It Increases Engagement

Having on-screen captions on your videos will encourage your viewers to click on it when browsing through social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. A well-chosen thumbnail along with an enticing subtitle will also attract viewers to your video, especially if there are subtitles to read. 

Subtitles help viewers understand what the video’s people are saying even if the language spoken is the same. Regional accents often affect how other people understand words and phrases, so including subtitles in your videos is a fantastic way to increase view time.

It Makes Your Content More Accessible

Another benefit of captioning your videos is that you’ll make it accessible to people with hearing difficulties. Although they may not be at the top of your mind when thinking about your ideal audience, they can be valuable customers. 

Many hard-of-hearing users reportedly feel alienated when they stumble upon videos without subtitles, so providing captions helps your company tap into a significant market. Doing this will also allow specific audiences to feel recognized, which will make them more likely to engage with you. 

It Makes You Look More Professional

Providing subtitles on your videos can be especially essential if you’re an enterprise involved with the healthcare industry. It demonstrates that your company genuinely cares about its audience and will do as much as possible to accommodate people of different abilities.

Subtitles also make your videos look cleaner, more unique, and professional. Although good lighting, steady footage, and high-quality editing are all hallmarks of professional videos, subtitles take it to the next level. Ensure that the subtitles properly fit the screen, are easy to read, and are well-timed with the audio. 


Adding subtitles to your videos can do wonders for customer engagement. They help you read a broader audience, cater to people with hearing impairments, and help you look more professional. Adding subtitles is an easy way to improve the overall quality of your videos without spending too much. With these incredible benefits, subtitles are a must for your company to stand out.

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