3 Ways to Use Video Content on Facebook to Boost Engagement


Facebook is arguably one of if not the most popular social media platforms to date. Since its release, it has taken the world by storm and is now integrated into many lives. Some may even say that they cannot live without Facebook. This might be true, especially for businesses that rely on the platform to reach their audience. Facebook and many other social media platforms allow companies unrivalled engagement with their customers, allowing them to build strong relationships, reputation, and more to achieve success.

With that in mind, if you want to know how you can engage with your audience on Facebook, think video! Here is how you can use video content to engage with your Facebook audience.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live works similarly to other platforms’ live streaming services. However, the only difference with Facebook Live is that the livestream appears as a standard video. However, people can still chat in the comment section as they would typically be able to with other live streams.

To maximise Facebook Live, you should focus on topics that users can immediately engage with. For example, you can host Q&As to answer the questions your audience may have. You can even do live product demonstrations to educate your customers on using a particular product or service to full effect. Pair it with the fact that live streams generally have a sense of urgency to them, and it can seriously boost your social media engagement.

2. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is similar to YouTube. However, the videos accessible on Facebook Watch are only posted on Facebook. The platform is generally meant for longer content, allowing creators to produce long-format content, knowing that the audience on Facebook Watch is looking for such content.

With long-format content, you can get extremely creative. You can upload video content about anything from explaining your products to a look behind the scenes of your business. Generally, you want to upload informative video content on Facebook Watch, as most if not all of your customers are looking for educational content. Of course, you are not limited to these types of videos, as you can produce pretty much any long-format content as you please.

3. Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories is similar to, you guessed it, Instagram Stories. This is to no surprise, given that Facebook owns Instagram. 

As such, you will treat it as you would with Instagram Stories, uploading pictures and videos in a story-like format. If you are using Instagram, you can even sync it with Facebook Stories, meaning that your story will show up on both platforms, effectively doubling your reach.


As you can see, Facebook has plenty of support for video content. This allows you to create all sorts of video content to engage with your audience, boost your website traffic, increase opportunities to convert customers, enhance your reach, and more. That said, do not limit yourself only to Facebook. Go where your audience is, whether it be Instagram, LinkedIn, or anywhere else. By creating content for other social media platforms and Facebook, you increase your success in this highly competitive world.

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