3 Ways to Use the Power of Video Content Marketing

Your business exists because of your customers—without them, operations will cease to exist. A huge part of that relationship is trust, an imperative ingredient to purchase decisions. Prospects will want to know everything there is about your brand, as they crave to feel a connection on some level. Only then can you convert them into loyal customers, helping your business flourish. 

The idea of the benefits alone makes building trust an imperative, but building it is an entirely different story. You need to understand your customers thoroughly, identifying their wants and needs. You need the right image, messages, and of course, platform. 

One of the best ways to build trust is through video content, which is now considered as one of the strongest types of digital media today. To wield its power properly, here are some tips you must consider:

Tip #1: Share your brand’s story 

Your brand story serves as the cornerstone of marketing campaigns. Building a compelling video content strategy plan around this allows you to build a strong foundation of your voice, identity, and mission. With these videos, you let prospects know what your brand is all about, especially the reason it was created. Stories like these may not highlight products and services, but they deliver a strong message: how and why customers should choose you, and why you stand out from the rest. 

That said, customers prefer a narrative over a list of facts. Make sure to tell them the origins of your business, its growth, and the challenges it faces. By doing so, you humanise your brand—in turn, you create memorability and relatability, which is exactly what will make your business appealing. 

Tip #2: Invest in explainer videos

Explainer videos are short videos, usually lasting a maximum of two minutes. They’re created to explain brand products and services, banking on engagement, creativity, and easy-to-digest content. They essentially help your prospects learn about you in the simplest way possible. To come up with a good explainer video, ponder on the following questions:

  • What can your products or services do for your customers?
  • Why do your customers need you?
  • How can your products or services solve their problems?

By directly explaining how your brand can address your customers’ pain points, you’re able to generate brand trust and convert prospects into paying customers. Make sure that your explainer videos remain interesting, engaging, and versatile!

Tip #3: Understand the significance of social proof 

Social proof is vital to every business, especially in a highly saturated market. A person will be more likely to support a restaurant with waiting lines rather than the one without, as it clearly implies that the place is good. Long lines clearly indicate that the business is well-liked and offers quality food, which brings in more customers. That’s how social proof works—the more customers you have, the more attractive your business will be. 

It may sound difficult to do, but the trick is to start small. Slowly build that following list, and display any proof of authenticity on your website. Feature customer reviews and engagement. Invest in guest blogging, and continue to build connections. Once the ball starts rolling, there’s nothing left to do but watch the trust thrive! 

The Takeaway 

Generating trust for your brand may seem daunting, but the key to success is knowing your prospects. You need to identify their wants, needs, and pain points. From there, you’ll be able to craft messages that let them know how valuable your brand is, and how you can help solve their problems. Get that message across through the most powerful platform, video marketing, and watch as customers learn to trust you. This will come back to you by tenfold over time, helping you gain loyal customers. 

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