3 Ways to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic

With most of the market staying at home and adapting to remote work, the need to establish a stronger human connection is at an all-time high. Branded video content, in particular, saw a spike in engagement rate by up to 60 percent since the start of the coronavirus in March 2020. 

Cutting through the digital clutter is more important than ever now that the future is uncertain, that’s why brands continue to find ways to produce compelling video content even when national quarantines are still in place. 

Here’s how marketers can maintain a strong video marketing strategy in a time of social distancing: 

Tip #1: Explore the Exciting Opportunities of Vlogging 

A large portion of the market – no matter the demographics – love to watch vlogs. The niche varies, but whether it’s about beauty, lifestyle, travel, or business, vlogs are casual yet highly impactful content that can provide a personalized experience. 

Heavy-hitting brands are making home-made videos to give their audience insight into their business, exploring relevant topics that can supercharge the engagement rate. There are different angles to get ahead of this video curve, whether it’s a vlog about behind-the-scenes, updates on your current state of affairs, and more. 

Tip #2: Escape Reality and Tap Into the Colorful Potential of Animated Videos

Seeing as producing high-quality branded video content is tricky with the coronavirus still at large, why not embrace a new perspective by going for animation? The scope of the project varies depending on your budget, but even a simple infographic piece can keep your audience hooked.

It’s a unique approach that can test the company’s creativity, but when done right, it can be a positive change that could impress your market. You can also add a more personal touch to animated clips by layering them with an internal voiceover. 

Tip #3: Take it to the Next Level with Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Videos 

Virtual reality is booming in the market, but it’s still not as universally accessible as other visually striking mediums like video or animation. Nonetheless, it’s worth incorporating into your video marketing strategy as it offers an innovative way to interact with your brand. 

E-commerce businesses that sell products, for example, can use 360-degree videos to highlight product launches as it gives curious consumers a more detailed view. Not only does this take your content to the next level with the higher degree of interactivity it offers, but it can also enhance the buyer’s journey.

Ready, Set, Action: Adapting your Video Marketing Strategy Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak 

Video content is booming in popularity more than ever during this digitally-oriented society, but it has quickly become a necessary marketing tool now that the pandemic has forced people to practice strict social distancing. 

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