3 Video Production Tips Businesses Must Know: Our Guide

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Video-based content is popular and often more preferred among many customers. You can also expect it to keep growing as social media, mobile browsing, and online marketing continue to advance. That means you need to ensure you and your team are working toward the success of each video production stage. But what exactly should you do?

This article will discuss three main tips to guide you through your next video campaign. Take this as your starting point to maximise your resources and have good working relationships with your hired video production team. This way, you can establish your branding and scale quickly through different marketing channels.

  1. Don’t underestimate the pre-production stage

    Many businesses often don’t give a lot of interest in the pre-production phase of creating videos because they believe it’s more of a logistical aspect designated to other employees. But the truth is the success of their next promotional campaign may depend on it, especially if they want to produce something innovative and exciting for their target audience. 

    As such, it’s best to collaborate with your video production team and see how you can be of assistance during the pre-production stage. For instance, you may have to pick your ideal actors, set design, and storyboard concept. This way, you can lay out a solid foundation early on and avoid costly inconveniences with your finished video.

  2. Let your video production company work during filming 

    You may have the inkling to be highly involved at every stage of your business’s video production, but you have to remember not to go overboard. In particular, you don’t want to be a liability during the shoot, especially when you are on a deadline. That means you should let your company work during the filming process. 

    Meanwhile, you do have the chance to pitch useful feedback that may concern your brand. Just be courteous with your video production team and let them know. You can also keep communication open in case there are emergencies that need your assistance. 

    Giving your video production team the freedom to work allows you to work on other projects and keep the operations smoothly running until it’s time to launch your campaign.

  3. Find ways to promote your video content during post-production

    Even if you are just releasing a short video, your business may benefit from a preview and other promotional solutions to introduce your campaign. However, there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for business videos. You may have to do marketing research, consult with your video production team, and work towards empowering your branding efforts. 

    As a guiding principle, you may have to read social media trends, current events, and customer data to determine how you want to promote your video during post-production. 

    You can also look into exploring other mediums to tie in with the video, like blog posts and virtual events. It’s best to rely on an experienced video production expert’s insights to help you make the right decisions. 


Video production for businesses can be challenging, but you can succeed. All you have to do is remember all the tips mentioned above and work with the right team. This way, you won’t falter at each production stage and guarantee your brand’s marketing success. Start working on your next campaign today! 

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