3 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2021

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Your brand’s social media accounts allow you to reach a more global audience. Although it takes a lot of work to keep up with the latest social media trends, all the effort is worth it when audience engagement leads to increased profits and brand exposure!

The year 2020 has heralded an unprecedented shift in social media usage worldwide. Because of the events that rocked the world, people are spending more time on social media, and they are much more amenable to brands leveraging their online presence into e-commerce.

There is so much potential for social media growth in 2021. As such, you will need to keep up constant activity, whether it’s through a brand ambassador, paid advertising, or optimised posts highlighting your brand’s products and services.

With thousands of brands and millions of users, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the crowd. To streamline your efforts, here are four simple tips to increase social media engagement for your brand in 2021:

1. It’s All About Video

More and more social media users prefer consuming content in video form. 2020 brought TikTok and Instagram Reels to the social media forefront—and of course, there’s the old dependable YouTube for long-form content.

Suppose your brand’s social media activity has mostly centred only on Instagram and Facebook. In that case, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your audience, and double, or even triple, your engagement.

Instagram Reels can expand your reach on Instagram because it’s content that’s pushed to all users, not just to those who already follow you. If you want to draw in Gen Zers, you can find ways to repurpose your content for TikTok! 

The key to video content success in 2021 is to keep your audience in mind and create content that they will respond to and are comfortable with.

2. It’s All About Social Responsibility

2020 sparked an uprising around the world and on social media. Brands that focus on social, ethical, and environmental issues were able to connect with their audience. This trend will continue in 2021, and you shouldn’t let your brand get left behind.

Your audience will be more inclined to spend money on your brand if your values line up with theirs. Make your content stand out from the crowd by expressing your brand’s mission and letting your audience know about your ethical practices. Share your journey of improvement with your audience and let them be part of your efforts.

3. It’s All About Stories

YouTube Stories, Twitter Fleets, LinkedIn Stories, and Pinterest Story Pins in 2020 showed that the way audiences consume content is changing drastically.  This format will only grow in popularity moving forward, and if your brand isn’t already using them, now is the time to change that.

Instagram Stories is still the mother of all, with over 500 million users every day. Nail down your strategy there, and you can easily repurpose your content to use across multiple social media channels. 

Keep an eye on what your competitors and successful accounts are doing with their storage—there’s nothing wrong with using their ideas as inspiration.  


People are spending more and more time on social media every single day. The potential to grow your audience and to increase your brand exposure is almost endless. You just need to build a thoughtful, audience-focused social media strategy, and you can start leveraging your worldwide reach into long-term growth for your brand.

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