3 More Tips You Need to Create Effective Interview Videos

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In the world of corporate videos, interviews are the staple. Almost every company will have some form of interview video ready on their website because it is an excellent way to showcase the business. Customers love seeing staff members of the company talk about what they are working on. 

That being said, this does not mean every interview video is going to work. It takes planning and knowing when to use a video interview to maximise results. In our last article, we talked about some tips to make interview videos better. Here are three more tips to help you do exactly that:

1. Know who to interview

First things first, you should know who to interview. In most cases, it could be an employee of the company or even the CEO. When such figures share their thoughts, the video can become more informative and exciting. 

The only important thing to consider is that the people you choose should be comfortable in front of the camera and good at speaking. No one wants to watch a video filled with stutters and long pauses. When you feature someone who is excited and energetic about what they do, this can leave a positive impression in the viewer’s mind about your company.

2. Identify the best time to interview

Not every time is the right time for an interview. For instance, if there are no new topics to address, you should not produce interview videos for the sake of it. These videos are only appropriate when you have something worth sharing. 

That said, knowing when to interview staff and when to interview clients is also important. When you want to showcase your business’ operations, you should interview someone on your team. However, if you want an interview talking about the quality of services, interviewing a client is incredibly effective. In other words, know when to interview the right person depending on what is happening around you.

3. Look for the right location to record

Choosing the right location for the interview is also important. What the interviewee is talking about should be reflected by their surroundings. For example, if one is talking about a car manufacturing process, the background should not be in a park or restaurant. It makes sense for it to be in the factory. Even though such a place can be a little noisy, it can add to the video’s authenticity, giving more weight to all participants. 

Of course, the option to interview in an office is generally the safest option. Offices offer the peace and quiet that your interview might need. Plus, lighting is generally comfortable in an office, allowing you to maximise the quality of the final result!


Follow the tips we have shared above, and we can guarantee that the interview videos you produce will be of excellent quality. Your audience will be glad to know that they have access to great interview videos. That said, if you still find yourself struggling to create perfect interview videos, do not worry. Video production agencies are available at your service, and with their help, you will enjoy producing plenty of quality videos without much effort on your end!

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