3 Components of Social Videos That Must Reflect Your Branding

Your brand’s visual identity involves more than just your logo. It also covers your social videos and the elements in them, such as the colours and fonts, texts displays, and the way you transition to the next shot. 

Along with how you tell your story or send a message, all of these elements put together are what makes you and your brand different from the rest. 

As you create a video strategy for your business, paying attention to crafting solid content that fulfils its purpose is essential. Other than this, you must also pay attention to the identity you are communicating to the viewers through these videos. You must think of how you can stay true and consistent with your brand identity despite being creative or adventurous in your video content. 

If you fail to do this, there’s a big chance your viewers will fail to recognise or remember who you are, and your video content strategy will become ineffective. Solid content will be nothing if the branding isn’t cohesive.   

With this, it’s best to look at these seemingly minor components of your video that play a big part in your branding and identity through social videos. Here are three components to consider: 

1. Animated openers and end cards

Animated openers (popularly referred to as intros) are the animated clips playing at the start of your social videos, while the animated end cards are those that play at the end. These animation materials, which usually last for five seconds, are what viewers see every time they click on your social videos. 

Using animated openers and end cards that are consistent with your branding helps the viewers be familiar not only with your content but also with you⁠ – the producer. Eventually, this familiarity will help you establish trust and loyalty in your viewers. 

Aside from openers and end cards, another similar component is the logo bug, which is the graphical element that is usually placed on the top left or right corner of your video to give your video identity. Because these two elements are always in your social videos, you must pay extra attention to them and make sure that they’re aligned to your brand. 

2. Text Overlays

Users today prefer watching videos on the go, so they may be watching your social videos without turning up the volume. Because you can’t entirely rely on voiceovers, you must learn how and when to start incorporating text overlays into your videos. 

How you use text overlays will heavily depend on the tone and voice you use to tell the stories in your videos. To give you an idea of where to start, you can use text overlays to show important information, titles, and even quotes with the moving picture still clearly seen in the background. 

3. Transitions

Yes, even the way you transition from one shot or clip to the other should reflect your branding. After all, these transitions can set the mood for your videos and express different emotions; an instant scene change creates a different mood than a cross-fade effect. Ensuring that your transitions also stick to your branding will also help you create videos that are strikingly yours. 


To help you establish a solid branding that transcends all platforms, ensure that everything you produce reflects your brand, including your social videos and every element that is in them. 

The concept and the stories you want to include in your videos must be carefully thought-out and planned, but so should the way you tell them. Remember that you must tell them in a way that is uniquely yours because there are countless competitors out there, striving to catch the attention of the same audience. Customers won’t be able to help you if they can’t even remember your brand. 

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