3 Basic Strategies for Better and More Effective Lifestyle Videos

One underrated type of video when it comes to corporate video production and brand management is the lifestyle video. While it is always necessary to think about your brand in whatever action you take and whatever thing you release to the public, it is also important to remember that brands are built by people and interact with people. 

What is a lifestyle video?

A lifestyle video is a glimpse into the lifestyle your brand represents. It is a more subtle take at video marketing, often involving a montage of situations and instances wherein the product is in use. More often than not, this montage is accompanied by a memorable song. 

While this does tend to put brand positioning in the background, it can serve as an integral offering of your brand’s inherent value. It can associate certain qualities and, as the name of suggests, a specific lifestyle. Done correctly, a lifestyle video can elevate the value of your brand beyond the actual specifications of its offerings. 

The basic elements of the lifestyle video

We’ve spoken before about the basic structure of a lifestyle video. The rest of this article will talk about some strategies you can employ with your video production agency to create a better lifestyle video. With no further ado, here they are:

1. Choose a visual motif and go with it

Motif is a word for a visual theme that recurs or is present throughout an artistic work such as a lifestyle video. It can be conveyed using colours, repetitive imagery, callbacks, and so on. They can be as obvious or as subtle as you like, but they must lead to a final idea — the call to action or the endpoint of your lifestyle video’s narrative.

Often these are used to underscore concepts and more complex concepts — a better life, convenient solutions, and so on. With the right script and the right video production agency, you could use your chosen motifs in the best possible way.

2. Ground it in reality

If you get too lofty with the lifestyle you promise your target audience, it might become a little too difficult for them to relate to your brand. The value you offer must feel attainable to them. This can be done by showcasing lifestyles that are somewhat familiar to them already or to present a progression from where they are to where they could hope to be with your brand. 

3. Find the right track

Finding the right song can be a challenge, given the countless genres and limitless possibilities. With the right track, however, you could set the tone of your lifestyle video easily. Many popular songs, after all, already evoke certain feelings, certain concepts, and certain vibes. 

Your video would feel far more complete if it had the perfect track to go along with it. It could cement itself in your target market’s memory.

Final thoughts

While there is a general structure to many lifestyle videos, just a tinge of creativity and elbow grease can set you aside from the competition. All that and the expert hands of an agency offering video production services, and you could have the perfect formula for the perfect video.

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