2 Common Video Production Myths You Must Stop Believing

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Over the years, the art and craft of video production have taken centre stage for many business marketing strategies because of the wide range of opportunities it provides.

Although it may not necessarily be as new as the “shiny objects” of modern digital marketing as we know it, the tool in question never ceases to stand out in terms of delivering real, actionable results. Regardless if you’re a small-time business looking to scale the market or a big-name brand with a lot on the line, it’s safe to say that video production will deliver all the exposure and profits that you seek. 

What makes video production so relevant?

Today, it’s no secret that video content holds a significant share in the modern digital marketing space because of how advantageous it is compared to other available materials today. 

Based on a study, the value of using videos for any business marketing strategy comes from the fact that visual materials increase a viewer’s understanding of a product or service by 74 per cent. On top of this astounding percentage, 100 million viewers watch a video online every day, with 75% of viewers visiting the marketer’s website after viewing their content, a development that can never be overlooked. 

The main hurdle to worry about

While it may be evident that video production can help improve the overall effectiveness of a marketing strategy, it’s worth noting that the myths surrounding it can get in the way. Unfortunately, most people miss out on the opportunity to reinforce their marketing strategies or slight them entirely, resulting in an over-abundance of failures and lost potential returns.

We understand how important it is to not fall for ludicrous myths (even though they can be quite difficult to dispel) to the point where we’ve prepared everything for you. If you want to ensure that you stay as well-informed as possible to capitalise on the opportunity at hand, let’s debunk two common myths that may get in the way: 

Myth #1: “Video production is too expensive for my small business, so I should avoid it.”

Absolutely not––in recent years, the video production industry has become far more affordable and accessible to even the newest and smallest of business thanks to advancements in technology. If you’re persistent enough, you can put a video project together without much spending because a video with your smartphone or camera can still give you something to show to your potential customers.

However, beyond DIY-driven methods, it is a better option to get quality video production work done by enlisting an outsourced professional or agency services. With the help of Video Ink, you’ll be able to enjoy professional-grade work that yields profit and engagements for a fraction of your expected costs!

Myth #2: “Video production is too complicated for my business to invest in”

Similar to the previous myth, this particular misconception is regarded as such for a reason, especially when you look at how the whole video production process works.

Although video production was much more complicated in the past and took a lot longer to deal with, the developments that have taken place in the past years now make matters much simpler. Despite the slight complication at first, you’ll eventually realise that video production isn’t so difficult to deal with because it is more straightforward and beginner-friendly than most people ought!


Among the different myths of video production that have come up over the years, the two main misconceptions above have caused many businesses to miss out on the opportunity at hand. Thankfully, keeping an eye on the two myths mentioned above and avoiding the critical mistake of believing in them will make it easier to ensure that you jump into the process without apprehensions!

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